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Anything and everything sportsball and wrestling.

Alright, I know what you're thinking. Wrestling is for kids and people in the deep south. And you may be right. Yes it caters to the youth these days, and the "heck ya 'murica" folks. But when you do a deep dive into it, you can enthralled with the art and the talent it takes. 


From the king of the mountain WWE/NXT, to indie promotions like Smash, AAA in Mexico, PWG, ROH, Impact, etc etc. To the new comer on the yard that is taking the world AEW that's taking the world by storm. There is so much for everyone. 

What's good people!? The only major North American sport we have going on right now is NFL. Obviously in this whacky year when new seasons start, we'll get other things going. But let's start here. 


If you follow football, toss down your favourite team, favourite player, favourite moment here. Let's see if we have any grid iron fans out there. 


Also if you play fantasy football, feel free to gloat/gripe about your win/loss here. I know I will.