Danny Estrin (Voyager)

Lead Singer Syndrome

Episode 339 – THIS IS A MUST LISTEN! Danny Estrin of Australian progressive metal band (and EUROVISION FINALISTS!) Voyager joins the show today! From being born in Germany, to emigrating to Australia, and becoming an immigration lawyer himself, we talk about his journey through life and music so far. What's it like being in a band in the most isolated capital city in the world, to all of a sudden playing for 160 million people live at the latest Eurovision finals? Listen and find out. Also don't miss their new album, “Fearless in Love” out now everywhere, featuring the Top-10 Eurovision single, “Promise” – go check it out! NEW MUSIC ALERT! Latewaves are bringing their talents to Open Your Ears Records! Since 2016 the band has been delivering some of the most fresh and heartfelt rock music and Open Your Ears is thrilled to announce their brand new self titled album, dropping September 29th. Check out the new tune “Italian Smokes”, from the Asbury Park trio. Don't miss this track - out now! Do you honestly play golf? Do you play golf honestly? Then check out Honest Golf, a new golf apparel and accessory company, supplying high quality and fresh gear for your golf needs. This isn't your Dad's golf company, and also doesn't write down a 5 when clearly it was an 8. Use promo code LSS20 for 20% off ! honestgolf.ca HELLLLLOOOOOO FRESH! It's America's #1 meal kit for a reason .... and right now get 50% off plus free shipping with promo code 50LSS - hellofresh.com/50LSS Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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