New Noise (Top 8 Releases of the Week) 03/24/2023

Lead Singer Syndrome

There’s a new Silverstein song out! We discuss that of course and then hit you with the New News and last weeks releases from Invent Animate, 100 gecs (!), Downfall of Gaia, M83 and Foxy Shazam. Top 8 records to watch out for this week, MySpace style, and as always, get the full list at Mike’s Instagram, @slappyslam! WELCOME OUR NEW TITLE SPONSOR - OPEN YOUR EARS RECORDS! And they are BUSY dropping absolute bangers like the new single / video from The Burden. It's called "Losing Your Exterior" and it gives you that epic post-hardcore sound that I KNOW you crave. Check it out on OYE Records youtube, and preorder the NEW ALBUM "Terminal" (out April 14) NOW at  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit