Artist(s): Counterparts, END

Part 1: Brendan Murphy (Counterparts, END) returns!

Lead Singer Syndrome

EPISODE 233 - PART 1 of 2! Shane's old buddy Brendan Murphy of Counterparts has a new band. And they fucking RIP. They are called END, a super group put together by Fit for an Autopsy Guitarist / Insanely Talented Producer Will Putney. We talk about the formation of the band, the steady success of Counterparts, Brendan's potential career in comedy, coffee, gasoline, and much much more.... Part 2 will be out on FRIDAY! In an iconic glass bottle, with refreshing champagne-like tiny bubbles, Miller High Life is an unpretentious, high quality beer. It's the perfect beer to celebrate the wins of everyday, big or small. Miller High Life. The Champagne of Beers. A quality beer within everyone's reach. Celebrate Responsibly. Miller Brewing Company, Milwaukee, WI. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit