Ghoti Hook - Twenty Years From Never


Ghoti Hook is a legendary Tooth & Nail band who were among the early explorers and pioneers of our scene. Their special focus and ability to have fun and entertain themselves translated directly into audiences everywhere. They were also incredibly hard workers and innovators who stayed true to their unique DNA through their final epic, beautiful and sad show at Cornerstone ’02. This episode features Joel, Adam and Jaime recounting their days in the band from their early beginnings to the ultimate demise. Ghoti Hook Cornerstone ’02 Full Set Get your Labeled Fest tickets at Watch and listen to the new Labeled Series: Deep Dives Become a Labeled Member! Join us at Not ready to become a member yet? That’s okay, you can still join us in the Labeled Facebook Group! MORE FROM TOOTH & NAIL: Labeled: Music From The Podcast: DISCOVER IT: New Tracks from T&N Records: This Is Solid State: New Tracks from Solid State Records