Chris McLane from Stretch Arm Strong

100 Words Or Less

"CAN WE RETURN, TO THE GOLDEN AGE?" One of my favorite bands from a specific era of time called the 2000's, we have Chris McLane from Stretch Arm Strong on the pod this week! I dig in deep to the bands unconventional location (South Carolina), their relationship with Uprising Records (who is also responsible for the Chicago hardcore band, Fall Out Boy) and how they burned themselves out by touring so relentlessly. The icing on this pod-cake as it were is the fact they just released their brand new EP on Iodine Recordings that smokes. Listen to the pod, then listen to the EP and enjoy!  Listen to the Official Outbreak Podcast here (executive produced by yours truly)  Weekly Recommendation Playlist Theme Song by Tapestry Gold Subscribe to the podcast on YouTube Rockabilia sells you officially licensed Merch from ALL your favorite bands (and your Dad's favorite band, your siblings etc...). Use the promo code 100WORDSORLESS for 10% off your order.  Evil Greed is a highly curated merchandise provider from Berlin, Germany with fast, worldwide shipping and features stores from bands like Power Trip, Deafheaven, Nails, Russian Circles and so much more.See for privacy information.

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