Steve Jennings from Spark of Life

100 Words Or Less

Spark of Life is a band that many of you most likely haven't been exposed to, that doesn't mean you shouldn't get to know Steve Jennings, the vocalist of said band. They started in the late 90's, signed a record deal in the 2000's with a Fat Wreck Chords imprint, toured the world with bands like Rise Against and Good Riddance but like all creative got in the way. Steve and his band mate Nicholas stayed friends and after a many year hiatus...are back and working with New Age Records. All that to say, Steve was a great discussion and I think emblematic of many of our experiences with bands/creative pursuits that don't pan out as we intended but take on an important life of their own. Steve and I discuss how amazing Strife is, the bands friendship with Rise Against and a whole lot more.  Listen to the Official Outbreak Podcast here (executive produced by yours truly)  Weekly Recommendation Playlist Theme Song by Tapestry Gold Subscribe to the podcast on YouTube Rockabilia sells you officially licensed Merch from ALL your favorite bands (and your Dad's favorite band, your siblings etc...). Use the promo code 100WORDSORLESS for 10% off your order.  Evil Greed is a highly curated merchandise provider from Berlin, Germany with fast, worldwide shipping and features stores from bands like Power Trip, Deafheaven, Nails, Russian Circles and so much more. Use  promo code 100WORDS for 10% off your first order today!   See for privacy information.

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