David Wagenschutz from Crossed Keys, Kid Dynamite, Lifetime and more

100 Words Or Less

We have a damn all star on this weeks pod in the form of David Wagenschutz who played in such punk/hardcore luminaries as Kid Dynamite, Lifetime, Ink & Dagger and much more. He came on to discuss his new band called Crossed Keys, touring in the 90's as well as staying passionate about music in general. It's a lively one, so pull up a chair and come hang out!  Pre-Order the new Crossed Keys LP here Visit Iodine Recordings and rediscover your favorite record or find a brand new one! Check out their re-issue of the classic Quicksand LP “Slip” or a great record from a band called Her Head’s On Fire.  Buy Podcast Merch Here Theme Song by Tapestry Gold Subscribe to the podcast on YouTube Listen to “More On That”, a supplementary podcast to 100 Words on Spotify exclusively Rockabilia sells you officially licensed Merch from ALL your favorite bands (and your Dad's favorite band, your siblings etc...). Use the promo code 100WORDSORLESS for 10% off your order.  Evil Greed is a highly curated merchandise provider from Berlin, Germany with fast, worldwide shipping and features stores from bands like Power Trip, Deafheaven, Nails, Russian Circles and so much more. Use promo code 100WORDS for 10% off your first order today!   See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.