Feedback / Suggesions

Hey all!

The site is finally here, I'm really excited to get this going.

Let me know in this thread of you have any feedback or suggestions that could help improve the site. I'm still working out the bugs and imperfections, but any constructive criticism is welcome!

Stuck somewhere between the gloom and the light.

Found out about this place from TDM. Congrats on the launch, it's looking good! My one suggestion would be to create a few threads in the forums to get some discussion going.

Also I couldn't figure out how to update the 'currently spinning' on my profile. Am I missing something? I like it as a feature.

Thank you!

It's definitely a work in progress, and I will be adding/tweaking features as I go along. 

The "Currently Spinning" works by clicking the Headphone icon when you're on an album page. It's right next to the Shelf icon. I'm going to be adding it on the album hover as well, so that it's easier to find. I'll be adding some clearer instructions about that soon.


Stuck somewhere between the gloom and the light.

Ah got it, thanks. 

I'll keep checking back, keen to see how the site develops.