Alright, I know what you're thinking. Wrestling is for kids and people in the deep south. And you may be right. Yes it caters to the youth these days, and the "heck ya 'murica" folks. But when you do a deep dive into it, you can enthralled with the art and the talent it takes. 


From the king of the mountain WWE/NXT, to indie promotions like Smash, AAA in Mexico, PWG, ROH, Impact, etc etc. To the new comer on the yard that is taking the world AEW that's taking the world by storm. There is so much for everyone. 

So I want to know, do you watch wrestling? For me, it's an easy 'yes.' 

And what do you watch? For me, it's AEW and NXT. I read about WWE main roster since it bores me these days. On top of that PWG, AAA and any indie event that I read about that has rave reviews for a stellar match. 

And finally, What got you into wrestling? For me, it was Stone Cold Steve Austin and the whole Attitude Era (obviously) as a whole.


So lets here from you folks!!

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