Introduce yourselves in this thread. 

Name, where you're from, your favourite bands, albums you're looking forward to.

I'll start:

I'm Pat from London, ON. I built this website. Too many bands to name but Thrice would probably be very close to taking the #1 spot. I'm also currently really digging the new Touche Amore album. Looking forward to the new I Am The Avalanche, Cloud Nothings and BMTH records.

Stuck somewhere between the gloom and the light.

I'm Travis, one of the friendly and awesome Admins on this wonderful website. From London, ON by way of Kingsville, ON. If you know Kingsville/Essex-Windsor County, you'll understand why I stayed in London after school. Favourite bands are hard to nail down, but to name a few(that have been high on the playlist recently, but also always) Between The Buried and Me, The Wonder Years, Eighteen Visions, Bury Your Dead, Thrice, Sunny Day Real Estate, Thursday, Deftones, Tool, Metallica....I could keep going, but I won't make this longer than it needs to be at this time.